In a word, East Austin is hip. Ranking number seven on Forbes’ inaugural list of America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods, East Austin fared well in walkability, coffee shops per capita, food trucks, number and frequency of farmers’ markets, and those working in artistic occupations.

Bittersweet to its longtime residents, East Austin has experienced a construction boom. New families and young professionals live among residents who have lived here for decades, in an area with homes dating back to the 1920s. Consequently, you can find some of the city’s least expensive homes here, as well as restored Victorians, condos, and newly built homes.

There’s a definite urban vibe this close to downtown, and studios buzz with local artists, musicians, and other creative talent. Under the shadow of Ebenezer Baptist Church, you’ll find a yoga studio, the European-style Blue Dahlia Bistro and Franklin Barbecue—as well known for the long line alongside the building as it is for the brisket that makes the wait worthwhile.

Head north on the East Side and you’ll uncover several more distinct neighborhoods, all close to the city center and each with its own flavor.


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