A community of learning thrives among students, faculty, and parents at Regents School of Austin. This unique K-12 school is situated on a single 82-acre campus along Barton Creek in Southwest Austin. Founded in 1992 with a desire for a distinctively different educational opportunity, Regents follows a classical and Christian model. Students gain Christian wisdom and training in classical eloquence, uniquely equipping them for leadership in the modern world.

Much of the students’ learning is around oval Harkness tables in discussion with one another and teachers. Even in math and science courses, students learn to express their understanding of difficult concepts with words as well as through successful calculation and experimentation. After 13 years of preparation, each senior student demonstrates their abilities as public orators as they present and argue their oral theses before a panel of judges.

The Regents mission encourages every student to strive for excellence as they live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.  This is reflected not only in academics, but in multiple state championship wins in athletics and the arts. Regents alumni often find themselves in positions of leadership in any endeavor, whether it is in the sciences, humanities, business, politics, athletics or the arts.

We invite you to explore what a K-12 Regents education can offer your child. Contact us at (512) 899-8095 to schedule a visit. http://regentsschool.com

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