Another California company is relocating to Austin.  Read the story from  below.

CPRIT-Capitol  “Curtana is a pre-clinical drug development company started last year with licensed medical technology and expects to relocate its 12 employees to Austin in October. In addition to the CPRIT money, the company is nearing completion of an equity round of funding for at least $3.8 million, which it expects to close by the time it opens shop in Austin.

CPRIT is a state agency created with $3 billion in bond money to fund cancer research and prevention efforts and to stimulate private business interests around the development of commercial cancer therapies. The agency drew controversy and was forced to stop its grant processes amid allegations of improperly awarded grants shortly after it was created, but a change in management and a more strenuous review process has allowed it to resume its application and award process.”

Click here to see a list of all 101 recipients.


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