When it’s time to call Austin home, it’s time to make some decisions about where you want to live, and how much you want to spend on Austin Housing.

Austin has maintained a strong housing market relative to the rest of the U.S. during recent years.  In 2011 the median price for an existing single-family home was $193,100 in Austin and $166,200 nationally. First-time home buyers and renters will find a great selection in all of Austin’s neighborhoods. And while home buyers can find affordable housing, those who are interested can take it over the top-to high-end luxury homes as well.

Austin Aerial Skyline

Working with a good Realtor who knows the city can save you time and frustration and will help you identify the neighborhoods that best meet your needs. If you don’t have a personal recommendation, interview several Realtors and ask for references—and then call them.

Even before you contact a Realtor, give some serious consideration to your priorities. What’s more important to you—school district or proximity to the office, big closets or short commute? Sure, you’ll want to stay flexible during your search, but clarity about what matters most will give your Realtor a good framework for finding a home that will make you happy.

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