We recently received an email with new information Austin Google Fiber in Austin and about the how, who and where. We’ve outlined some of the things you should know about Google Fiber and some useful links to learn more.

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What is Google Fiber?

It’s a super-fast “Gigabit” Internet that provides you to 100x faster upload and download speeds when compared to standard broadband. There’s also a TV service that allows you record up to 8 shows at once and store up to 500 hours shows in HD from multiple TVs.

What does Google Fiber Offer?

From what we see Fiber has a solid set of options for data and TV integration:

  • 1Gb Internet Speed
  • Network box with integrated Wi-Fi Access Point
  • TV box with 200 HD channels and Wi-Fi capability
  • Storage box which can hold 2TB of content with DVR capability

How can you Get Google Fiber?

The process is straightforward and based on a demand model focused around what Google calls a “fiberhood” This is a grouping of a few hundred homes in a target geo area that will have fiber access tied to a demand goal. Each of fiberhood will have a sign-up goal and once you and your neighbors reach the sign up goal, Google will start installing Fiber in your homes within a few weeks.

When will Austin Google Fiber Be Available?

Currently working on sign up goals and based on current projections, Google anticipates connections beginning in homes around mid-year 2014.

Here’s some helpful links to learn about Google Fiber going in Austin.

Frequently Asked Question on Austin Google Fiber in Austin


Google Fiber Support Page with details on Plans and Installation

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