Austin’s residents love to live sustainably and to make the Earth a better place than how they found it and what better way to participate in that then by eating at sustainable restaurants? The four places below all believe in sustainable practices and participate in farm-to-table foods.

Photos and words by: Hayden Pigott

Odd Duck

The infamous coffee croissant from Odd Duck.

With a menu centered on the Texas seasons and use of local farms, Odd Duck is the perfect place to start your sustainable culinary journey. To begin your meal, have one of the hand-crafted sodas and then order the grilled mustard green pizza which comes with habanero ranch dressing that will make you want to dunk each piece of pizza in it. End your meal with the flaky, buttery, homemade coffee croissant.


This twist on traditional southern food is set up in an adorable old house a few blocks from the capitol. At Olamaie’s lunch you can get the Lunch Fixe which is three of their dishes and the biscuits. The biscuits, which are by far the best thing on the menu are a must order. They are flaky, buttery and salty; they are everything you could ever want in a biscuit. For an added bonus get the biscuit and gravy with a sunny side up egg, sorghum and country sausage so you can get an additional biscuit.

 Barley Swine

Odd Duck’s sister restaurant, Barley Swine, is ideal for a weeknight. The best item on the menu is the hatch Chile cheese pretzel which comes warm and as soon as you bite into it the cheese oozes into your mouth. You are immediately hit with the hatch Chile. Another dish to try is the grilled potato with pickles, mustards and peanut ranch which are a cool palate cleanser after the pretzel. Barley Swine features foods from Fruitful Hill Farm, Houston Dairymaids, Phoenix Farms and Johnson’s Backyard Garden.

Hillside Farmacy

Quite possibly the best breakfast in Austin, Hillside Farmacy features fresh foods from local farms. Get the Big Brekkie which has local farm eggs, bacon, homefries, arugula and toast. The butter is also absolute perfection, so spread it generously on your toast. Hillside sources from places like Durham Ranch, Springdale Farm, Ringger Family Farm and Texas French Bread.

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