It is well known that temperatures in Austin can soar well into the 100’s with unabated sunshine and humidity. But our balmy heat gives us a perfect excuse to go chill out in many beautiful and unusual creameries! Austin is home to several trendy ice cream shops that all offer something new.

By: Ryan Wheeler

Holla Mode

1800 Barton Springs Rd

Although we all love those classic, inviting scoops of ice cream, Holla Mode offers patrons a worldly perspective: Thai style ice cream. They make it by pouring cream and flavors on a freezing cold steel plate and then knead it until it becomes creamy. Once the right texture is achieved, they spread the mixture flat on to the steel surface and scrape it up into rolls. Favorite toppings are piled on high, of course. Watching how this Thai inspired ice cream is made makes the visit to Holla Mode interesting and fun.


2322 Guadalupe Street

Moojo is all about deliciously smooth all natural ice cream squeezed between oogy gooey homemade cookies. Everything that pops out of Moojo’s is fresh and natural as well as friendly to vegans and vegetarians. They also have waffle cones made in-house for those of us out there who are ice cream purists.

Lick Honest Ice Creams

1100 S Lamar Blvd #1135

Imagine lots of dewy-eyed, wet-nosed cows milling and mooing around a dairy farm in McGregor Texas. This is Mill-King Market & Creamery, a family-owned farm that delivers fresh milk from those happy cows to Lick Honest Ice Creams. This place lives up to its good name with 100% hand-made products that use only the best, locally sourced ingredients. Not only do they offer clean creams free of preservatives and artificial flavors, but the honest-to-God flavors they do use and creatively blended by local food artisans. If you’re worried about flavors like Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint, Goat Cheese, or Thyme & Honey, don’t be! One lick will have you begging for another scoop!

Sweet Ritual

4631 Airport Blvd. Suite 125

Sweet Ritual specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and allergen friendly ice creams. This is a non-dairy shop that take care of ice cream fanatics with dietary restrictions. They insist that ice cream is a cultural marker of celebration and joy and that no one should be left out. They add the same experimental touch and passion to ice cream as a lab scientist would to groundbreaking technology. Exploring different bases and flavors to give their ice cream the best taste and appearance as dairy ice cream.

Prohibition Creamery

1407 E 7th St

Now that we’ve touched on the sweeter creams, let’s check into something a little more rebellious. Prohibition Creamery offers patrons locally-sourced, all natural delights but they add a boozy kick. Yes, that’s right. You heard. They make booze and ice cream combinations that are unlawfully delectable. You may even get a little tipsy! They also offer beer and cocktails to add to the experience.

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