Breakfast is a very big deal in Austin and everyone knows about the greats – Magnolia and Kerbey Lane Café, but what about some off the beaten path places? You cannot go wrong with any of these four, they each have their own delicious food pairings and you would be wrong not to try them. So the next breakfast meal out you eat, be a little adventurous.

Photos and words by: Hayden Pigott

Russell’s Bistro

Located next door to the original Kerbey Lane Café, this little restaurant serves up a mean chocolate chip pancake. Russell’s Bistro is tiny with a cute porch and the wait can get to be incredibly long so make sure to show up early. As stated earlier they know their way around the griddle, and their pancakes come with the most delicious strawberry butter.

Walton’s Fancy and Staple

If Sandra Bullock can be interviewed at Walton’s Fancy and Staple you want to eat there, right?  First off, the bakery case at this place is something out of a fairy tale. During Mardi Gras one year they had the cutest king cake macarons. Get a chocolate croissant and some of their eggs and you won’t be disappointed. For a drink, have their hot chocolate which puts most places’ to shame.

Counter Café

This tiny, local food serving haven can help you de-stress from the traffic on Lamar. Counter Café is  one of the best breakfasts in Austin because not only is it delicious, it is sustainable. The restaurant itself is tiny, they have a few picnic tables outside but if you are a party bigger than two you won’t fit in the building. Counter Café uses farm fresh ingredients for things like their fluffy eggs, warm biscuit’s and huge rashers of bacon. If the fried chicken and biscuit’s special is going on, you must get it.

The Omelettry

Move over Kerbey Lane, The Omelettry is giving them a run for their gingerbread pancake money. The Omelettry was  previously located on Burnet but it recently moved over to Airport and has been cranking out breakfast foods ever since. It is kind of the classic diner without the classic diner furniture. They have the best gingerbread pancakes with chocolate chips – if you have never tried this dish, you absolutely must.


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