When moving to a new city you shouldn’t have to change your diet just because you can’t find any healthy spots to eat. While it’s easy to find those not too healthy spots in town it can be a bit of a challenge to find the ones that are healthy. Don’t worry; they’re there and they’re waiting for you to discover them.

By: Talia Johnson-Watkins

Mr. Natural

1901 E. Cesar Chavez St. (multiple locations)

Photo by Aneelee

If you love Mexican food, you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, and you’re a health nut, Mr. Natural is the place for you. Chef Jesus Mendoza Jr. took over his family’s business around 2001 and made it his mission to create vegetarian versions of his favorite Mexican dishes, and now people can’t stop talking about it. Soon afterwards, Jesus got into baking and cake decorating which led him to add a bakery in his restaurant. This bakery is unlike others though, his cakes and pastries are made with all natural ingredients and are dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free. They also available to cater your graduation, birthday party, anniversary and so much more.

Conscious Cravings

1311 S. 1st St. (multiple locations)

Photo by Conscious Cravings

Healthy and food truck just don’t seem to go together, but this health joint has proved the impossible. Conscious Cravings specializes in meatless wraps and delectable salads. What they use looks a lot like meat, however it’s a healthier and more vegan-friendly substitute. They use a high-protein and low-fat super food called seitan that when made a certain way can look and even taste like meat. Conscious Cravings is also big on using tofu and quinoa in their wraps and on their salads to make sure when you eat their food you get all the nutrition you need. Along with the wraps and salads, Conscious Cravings also makes yummy natural fruit smoothies. So if you don’t want a whole meal, but something indulgent and sweet, these smoothies are the way to go.


2601 E. Cesar Chavez ( multiple locations)

Photo by JuiceLand

This spot is great for those who don’t necessarily have time to sit down for an entire meal, but just need a quick pick me up before work or school. JuiceLand is a juice and smoothie spot that also serves different vegan meals. JuiceLand makes their juices and smoothies with all fresh and natural super foods, vegetables, and fruits. They also offer a juice cleanse program that helps rid your body of toxins and clean out any impurities. Their website also features a step by step guide on how to do the cleanse and what to do in order to get the results you want. JuiceLand currently has dozens of locations in Austin but to find one near you and get more information on their cleanse program, check out their website.

Blenders & Bowls

206 E. 4th St. (multiple locations)

A trend that has been sweeping the nation and most importantly ATX, is açai bowls. Blenders & Bowls make their açaí bowls with all natural fruits, hemp granola, and local honey. They also specialize in all natural fruit smoothies that are to die for. This is a great place for a quick breakfast stop because eating these delicious açaí bowls will make you feel a little bit better about your breakfast choice. Blenders & Bowls currently have three locations.

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