A New City Means a New Beginning

You’ve made a wonderful decision to relocate to Austin. No matter what your interests, this beautiful hill country city has the perfect home for you.

At Intelligent Real Estate, we don’t just consider the transaction. Instead, we’re driven by people.  We thrive on the success of our clients, and we hand pick agents with the same philosophy. We have a wealth of experience and abiding ties to our beautiful central Texas geography, so we know the intricacies and nuances of the Austin area, and we have personal experience with the abundance of things to do in this very desirable city.

You’ll find nothing but genuine Southern hospitality from Intelligent Real Estate. We truly get it: relocating is an intensely emotional experience, and we never neglect the friendly touches that make it easier. You’ll find us to be resourceful, dependable, and caring. Welcome to our city!

Anne-Marie Cancienne

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