Words by Avery de Jong

South Congress, a downtown area, well known for its incredible restaurants and shops, provides some of Austin’s most unique shopping. From boutiques, to antique shops, to costume shops, South Congress is full of creative and unique items that keep Austin wanting more.

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Looking for the perfect costume? Well, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds on South Congress is the perfect place to find the best costume. First opening its doors in 1984, this costume and antique store has provided Austin’s people with everything from wigs, costumes, jewelry, masks, and more. The store allows people to rent and buy their items any time of the year.

Allen’s Boots

With being in the boot business for 35 years, Allen’s Boots is South Congress’ best western store. With one thousand pairs of boots, Allen’s Boots is full of boots from the ceiling to the floor in different styles and colors. They also sell other ideas such as hats, buckles, wallets, and clothing that will all look great with your new pair of boots.



Maya Star

This bright pink boutique, located in the heart of South Congress, is full of items from independent designers around the world. With items from clothing to random items, you can find fashionable clothes but also fun items such as dinosaur holders for plants.  This boutique is well known for its various items that are perfect for everyone.


Uncommon Objects

Opening in 1991, Uncommon Objects is one of South Congress’ best antique shops. This well-known antique shop sells everything you can imagine. It is a fun store that will keep you busy for hours looking through different items that might tell you a little bit about the past.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This toy store is one of South Congress’ most unique stores because of its fun and exciting atmosphere for all ages. This toy store sells everything from new toys to old ones. With celebrity candles, vintage action figures, hilarious magnets, and every other toy you might imagine, this unique toy store will keep you busy for hours. It is a great place to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member and makes the experience of shopping fun as well.

 Big Top Candy Shop

This candy shop, being a well know place since 2007 in Austin, is one of South Congress’ most special shops. This shop is full of all different types of candy, as well as having an old fashioned ice cream/soda fountain. Big Top exceeds the candy experience by having 400 bulk type candy and 3000 wrapped candy. With so much candy to choose from you can guarantee a fun time.

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