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Austin, a thriving city with an incredible and unique food community, is full of some of the best places to eat in the world. With all the incredible food, Austin is best known for its extremely popular breakfast restaurants.

The Magnolia Cafe

Magnolia is every Austinite’s favorite spot to get a good breakfast. Opening its doors in 1979, Magnolia began its journey to become one of Austin’s greatest treasures. This restaurant is opened twenty four hours and serves breakfast all day with a menu full of delicious pancakes, migas, French toast, and omelets.

Photo Credit: The Magnolia Cafe

Counter Cafe

This diner-style café has incredible food, along with the added bonus of a comfy and welcoming environment. You can get the perfect American breakfast at Counter Cafe, which serves everything from pancakes to breakfast tacos. This diner has also received tremendous recognition from many famous foodies, especially Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives host Guy Fieri.

Photo Credit: Counter Cafe

Crepe Crazy

Crepe Crazy, one of Austin’s new restaurants, has already captured our hearts. This cute creperie serves mostly crepes, filled with everything from chocolate to meat. It is the perfect place to get a deliciously simple breakfast that appeals to everyone. Another amazing thing about this restaurant is the incredible employment opportunity it provides for Austin’s deaf community. At Crepe Crazy they have a big printed menu on the counter where customers can point out to deaf restaurant employees what they would like to order.

Photo Credit: ORANGE Magazine


This extremely well-known restaurant, with two different locations in Austin, is the best place for anyone craving a delicious breakfast. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Snooze was opened to create a culinary experience for those wanting a particularly early meal. At Snooze you can get breakfast tacos, pancakes, omelets, salads, and so much more. If you want a classic breakfast with a fun twist, this restaurant is the place for you.

Photo Credit: 365 Things Austin

Juan in a Million

Serving authentic Mexican breakfast since 1980, this family-run restaurant is home to the best homemade recipes that will keep you wanting more. Juan in a Million serves breakfast all day with their famous Migas plate, Con Queso Breakfast, and the Don Juan Taco. The Don Juan Taco has actually become the main focus for competitive eaters throughout the years, with celebrities like Adam Richman from Man v. Food coming in and trying to beat the Don Juan taco eating record. With their growing popularity, the restaurant has also won many awards, including Best Breakfast Tacos and Best Restaurateur Handshake.

Photo Credit: Juan in a Million

Featured Photo Credit: Maudie’s Tex-Mex

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